We Will Ride- Inglorious (2021)

There are many acts that try to capture the magic of what was created in the decades past, but many struggle to achieve such a sought after goal. But every so often, groups manage to break through the glass ceiling, and grab that brass ring. That is exactly what the band "Inglorious" has done, especially with their latest album release, "We Will Ride". Released on February 12, 2021; the band's fourth album in their seven year tenure, really shines bright, tapping into their more fast-paced, hard-rocking sound.

Having been inspired by bands such as "Deep Purple" and "Aerosmith", the band really captures the more authentic sound of the instruments, as vocalist Nathan James stated, "The air movement from a bass drum, that same excitement you get when you perform, and that's exactly how I wanted the album to feel"(inglorious.com/#BAND).


Tracks listings as they appear on the album:

  1. "She Won't Let You Go"-3:38

  2. "Messiah"-3:55

  3. "Medusa"-3:54

  4. "Eye of the Storm"-3:59

  5. "Cruel Intentions"-4:00

  6. "My Misery"-4:03

  7. "Do You Like It"-3:12

  8. "He Will Provide"-5:12

  9. "We Will Meet Again"-4:25

  10. "God of War"-3:39

  11. "We Will Ride"-4:14


With James' powerful vocals, along with Danny Dela Cruz and Dan Stevens on guitars, Vinnie Colla on bass, and Phil Beaver on drums, this makes out to be a solid album. With both the songs, "Medusa" as well as "She Won't Let You Go", being released as singles before the album dropped.

Overall, this outing from the group, may be under the radar of most of the music world. But for those who have found them or have been following them for a while, this is an excellent LP. We'll be waiting to see if this group gains more recognition from the mainstream, because they undoubtedly have what it takes to be something special, only time will tell.

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