Van Halen- Van Halen (1978)

43 years ago to the day, one of the most recognizable bands in history, made their names known in a bigger way than many probably would have imagined. With the group known as Van Halen, making their distinctive sound a staple around the nation and around the world. With David Lee Roth's alluring vocals, and Eddie Van Halen's epic guitar riffs making the band a sure-in stand out among all other competition. With Michael Anthony and Alex Van Halen putting in a matching performance on bass guitar and drums respectively.

Reaching number 19 on the Billboard pop charts, this LP makes one of the most successful debuts ever. Filled with instant classics, such as "Runnin' with the Devil" and the excellent solo performance of "Eruption" done by Eddie.


Track Listings as they appear on the album:

  1. "Runnin' with the Devil"-3:36

  2. "Eruption"-1:42

  3. "You Really Got Me"-2:38

  4. "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love"-3:50

  5. "I'm the One"-3:47

  6. "Jamie's Cryin'"-3:31

  7. "Atomic Punk-3:02

  8. "Feel Your Love Tonight"-3:43

  9. "Little Dreamer"-3:23

  10. "Ice Cream Man"-3:20

  11. "On Fire"-3:01


With Roth's infectious charisma, embodying and capturing the most of almost every song on the album, this album left fans clamoring for more. Which the band did not leave them hesitating, as they put out their second album the next year, which was too a success.

As the years progressed, with lineup changes on a couple of occasions, the band remained in the spotlight for the better part of their career. Even experimenting with a few different sounds, when Sammy Hagar joined after Roth went solo, the fans kept coming back again and again.

Having the popularity that this band has, and for the length of time that they've had it, doesn't come around too often. This band has experienced something that most others can only dream of. Also, to commemorate with the unfortunate passing of Eddie Van Halen, might I say for all of the fans around the world, thank you for everything that you gave us. For gifting us with your presence, and your epic works of art that will never be replicated.

Rock on, Van Halen!

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