Reload- Metallica (1997)

Metallica is undoubtedly one of the most signature sounds to come out of the past 30 years. Releasing 10 studio albums since 1983, with plenty of live albums made from performances over that span of time. This LP in particular was meant to be released as a double album, following the previous work, "Load", which was done at the same time as the songs on this record.

Metallica was already an established, class act among the metal genre, with this album adding to their extensive catalog of music. With standout tracks, being "The Memory Remains", "The Unforgiven II", "Fuel", and "Better Than You", being released as singles before the album was dropped in November.

Which to its credit, both of these albums have their share of songs that fall under some of their best songs, but the others however are more sub-par or average. Not being described as great, but also not being considered bad by any means.


Track listings as they appear on the album:

  1. "Fuel"-4:30

  2. "The Memory Remains"-4:39

  3. "Devil's Dance"-5:19

  4. "The Unforgiven II"-6:36

  5. "Better than You"-5:22

  6. "Slither"-5:13

  7. "Carpe Diem Baby"-6:12

  8. "Bad Seed"-4:05

  9. "Where the Wild Things Are"-6:53

  10. "Prince Charming"-6:05

  11. "Low Man's Lyric"-7:36

  12. "Attitude"-5:17

  13. "Fixxxer"-8:15


This album overall has a great opener and grand songs that follow, but then slip into some of the aforementioned questionable entries. Most would say that songs like "Fuel", "The Memory Remains", and "The Unforgiven II" are absolutely stellar songs from this time frame of Metallica. And they would not be wrong by any stretch of the imagination.


"Fortune, fame

Mirror vain

Gone insane...

But the memory remains"

While these lyrics from "The Memory Remains" have had many meanings attached to them over the years, it adequately describes the experience that the majority of musicians/artists go through when they strike it big. It may be a direct reference from the band's point of view, but it can be taken in so many different ways.

"Lay beside me, tell me what they've done

Speak the words I wanna hear, to make my demons run

The door is locked now, but it's opened if you're true

If you can understand the me, then I can understand the you"

Many, including us, have come to the conclusion that this stanza from "The Unforgiven II", symbolizes the man depicted in "The Unforgiven", attempting to find comfort in the arms of another. Someone who has gone through the same type of experiences that he has suffered through, someone to confide in.


Some of Metallica's songs are riddled with deep, meaningful lyrics, that make even the toughest of people, break down inside while listening. Along with the epic bangers that make you want to headbang for hours on end. We would say that Metallica, while not hitting the mark that had been set by their previous works of the years prior, put out a fairly solid record with both "Load" and "Reload".

Receiving a fair reaction from fans and critics alike, this record strayed away from their traditional, metal sound, into more of a blues-like rock. This album may not be their very best, but it's an overall good showing for the band, proving that they still had what it took, while also experimenting into newer territory.

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