PWR UP- AC/DC (2020)

Check out the latest album dropped by the certified legends themselves.

The legendary classic rock band has reformed once again with almost everyone from the classic lineup, except Malcolm Young due to his passing a few years back. As the introductory album for front man Brian Johnson, "Back in Black", served as a tribute to former lead Bon Scott; "PWR UP" serves as a tribute to Malcolm in the same manner. Being the eighteenth studio album for the band, this twelve track album, serves also as a comeback of sorts for the group.


Track Listings as they appear on the album:

  • "Realize"-3:37

  • "Rejection"-4:06

  • "Shot In The Dark"-3:06

  • "Through The Mists Of Time"-3:32

  • "Kick When You're Down"-3:10

  • "Witch's Spell"-3:42

  • "Demon Fire"-3:30

  • "Wild Reputation"-2:54

  • "No Man's Land"-3:39

  • "Systems Down"-3:12

  • "Money Shot"-3:05

  • "Code Red"-3:31


With a chance to express a bit of a different sound for what the band is used to, PWR UP still has the distinguishable sound and bravado that AC/DC has always been known for.

In our honest opinion, with the time that the group have had to work on this album, it certainly shows through in the outcome. With the album being one of, if not the best selling album of 2020.

On that note, we believe that it is one of the best albums to come from the band since the turn of the millennium, topping out "Stiff Upper Lip", "Black Ice", and "Rock or Bust".

Of course it's not necessarily on par with albums from a few decades ago, but it has pleased audiences, and added a bit of nostalgia in the minds of the public. Which is what the world may have needed to distract them from the global situation that is currently going on.

Let's hope that the group is able to make a comeback to the stage when all this passes over, never say never, right?

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