'Please Please Me'- The Beatles (1963)


58 years ago, one of the most recognizable bands on the face of the planet, released their very first album. The band that were once known as 'The Quarrymen', now known as 'The Beatles', were well on their way to superstardom as their music dominated the charts in both the UK and US. Having completed the album in just under 13 hours time, this is a very good showcase for what was to come from the four.

At this point, the group were just getting their feet on the ground. Thoroughly embedded in the 'boy-band' persona, the group's first album consisted of two singles, with two songs on each. The first being, 'Love Me Do' and 'P.S. I Love You', followed by the second which was 'Please Please Me' and 'Ask Me Why'.


Track Listings as they appear on the album:

Side One:

  • 'I Saw Her Standing There'-2:55

  • 'Misery'-1:49

  • Anna (Go To Him)-2:55

  • 'Chains'-2:23

  • 'Boys'-2:24

  • 'Ask Me Why'-2:24

  • 'Please Please Me'-1:59

Side Two:

  • 'Love Me Do'-2:21

  • 'P.S. I Love You'-2:04

  • 'Baby It's You-2:40

  • 'Do You Want To Know A Secret'-1:56

  • 'A Taste Of Honey-2:03

  • 'There's A Place'-1:51

  • 'Twist and Shout'-2:32


Though some of their more successful work in their early years were covers of songs by American artists, 'The Beatles' would come into their own when it came to writing catchy lyrics that would stick in your head for days after listening. As well, given the benefit of the doubt that the future pop stars were still figuring out there knack at the beginning of their career.

One thing is for sure, we would be willing to say that they had no idea how much their music and growth as a band, would leave such an impact on their fans and the music industry as a whole, when they went their separate ways at the closing of the decade.

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