'Medicine at Midnight'- Foo Fighters (2021)


If there was ever any doubt that Foo Fighters were out of the picture, they just stomped that thought once again with their new album, 'Medicine at Midnight'.

Originally planning for the release to take place last year, this album makes for a belated celebration for 25 years since the band's formation.

With that being said, this addition centers around party or feel good rock music. With Dave Grohl, the band's founder/guitarist/vocalist, describing it in comparison to David Bowie's Lets Dance album.


Track Listings as they appear on the album:

  • 'Making a Fire'-4:15

  • 'Shame Shame'-4:17

  • 'Cloudspotter'-3:53

  • 'Waiting on a War'-4:13

  • 'Medicine at Midnight'-3:30

  • 'No Son of Mine'-3:28

  • 'Holding Poison'-4:24

  • 'Chasing Birds'-4:12

  • 'Love Dies Young'-4:20


Starting Foo Fighters as a solo project after the catastrophic ending to Grohl's previous band, Nirvana, Foo Fighters have come a long ways from where they initially began. Without being afraid to experiment with their sound, the band has certainly stamped their ticket to greatness over their extensive career.

This LP appears to be the forging of a new path for the group, with their previous work primarily staying in the more alternative/post-grunge, side of the rock music spectrum. With this new release being more "pop-oriented," as their drummer Taylor Hawkins described.

The band released teasers of songs on their social media, as well as releasing three singles, first being 'Shame Shame' (Nov. 7), followed by 'No Son of Mine' (Jan. 1), with the final being 'Waiting on a War' (Jan. 14), before dropping the full album on Feb. 5, 2021.

Though this may be a new direction for the band, at least for this record, we'll have to see how fans and critics react to it. At least it will be a way the year off right.

Rock on Foo's!

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