KISS- KISS (1974)

On the many lists of the most well-known, popular glam-rock bands of all time, their probably majority topped with KISS as their number 1. With that being said, they're right on the money about it, with the instantly recognizable face-paint, and charismatic on-stage characters, KISS are most definitely an attraction to concert goers.

Forming in the early 1970's, the band didn't exactly impress the higher-ups, as they were seen as too loud and raucous by their record label's distributor against them. Determined to make their foot-print on the music industry as big as they could, they pushed onwards. Releasing their self-titled debut album in early 1974. Which didn't really pan out to well for the group at the time, but it showed the world what they brought to the table.


Track listings as they appear on the album:

  1. "Strutter"-3:10

  2. "Nothin' to Lose"-3:27

  3. "Firehouse"-3:17

  4. "Cold Gin"-4:22

  5. "Let Me Know"-2:58

  6. "Kissin' Time"-3:52

  7. "Deuce"-3:06

  8. "Love Theme from Kiss"-2:24

  9. "100,000 Years"-3:22

  10. "Black Diamond"-5:13


With most of their songs from their first album consisting of short songs with up-beat tempos, and a sex-drive focus to the lyrics; this album in it's entirety comes in at just over 35 minutes. After the studio decided to go back and record the song "Kissin' Time", in an attempt to make the album more popular and to sell more copies. Not quite reaching their goal on the first go-around, initially selling around 75,000 copies before going back and re-releasing the album in 1997.

During the following years, the original lineup of the group dissolved, with Frehley and Criss, lead guitar and drums respectively, deciding to leave the group due to differences with their bandmates. With Stanley and Simmons, rhythm guitar and bass, pulling the band onwards, with replacements. Still serving as the only two founding members of the group, with many different guitarists and drummers coming and going in the years that would follow.

Despite the controversy that has arose over the years, when the band first came onto the scene in 1974, they proved they had a lot in the tank, as shown by their subsequent releases in the following years. With both studio and live albums in their expansive history, the band will forever leave a mark on the music industry.

With that mark not quite being definitively ended yet, as of their farewell tour that was supposed to happen from 2019 to 2021, which has yet to be updated as far as we're aware of.

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