Dire Straits- Dire Straits (1978)

Dire Straits is undoubtedly a classic group by most people's opinions, and we're leaning in that direction with them. Formed by Mark and David Knopfler as well as John Illsey, while in the two latter's place of residence. Signing a deal with Vertigo Records after sending in a demo tape to a respected radio personality.

Producing music that is more on the mellow side of rock. All the while, showing off their musical talent through their sparing, but not stingy, guitar riffs in particular. In which there were reportedly several guitars used on the record.


Tracks listed as they appear on the album:

  1. "Down to the Waterline"-3:55

  2. "Water of Love"-5:23

  3. "Setting Me Up"-3:18

  4. "Six Blade Knife"-4:10

  5. "Southbound Again"-2:58

  6. "Sultans of Swing"-5:47

  7. "In the Gallery"-6:16

  8. "Wild West End"-4:42

  9. "Lions"-5:05


Combining sounds of rock, country and folk into their songs, really making the music that they wanted to, not allowing anyone else to tell them what they wanted. The band's debut album hosted 3 singles, one for "Sultans of Swing", and another double sided single for "Down to the Waterline" and "Water of Love".

Proving to have made a good first impression on the music industry, they would head back to the studio later that same year, to start recording their second album, "Communique". Which was still respected in its own right, but didn't quite hold up to their previous according to critics.

Through the stress that comes with fame and fortune, keep on rockin' guys!

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