Detroit Stories- Alice Cooper (2021)

Alice Cooper, a.k.a. Vincent Furnier, will no doubt go down in music history as one of its greatest artists, now with 21 studio albums to his name over his 5-decade long music career.

Throughout that time, he has thrived on what he does, because he doesn't take himself too seriously. He has a habit of joking around within his songs, on this album, it's inherently noticeable. Taking playful jabs at other artists, and even members of his own band, from years prior. As well as appreciating other artists from his hometown, by covering their songs and shining a spotlight on the sound of Detroit.


Track Listings as they appear on the album:

  1. "Rock & Roll"-4:43

  2. "Go Man Go"-2:40

  3. "Our Love Will Change the World"-3:39

  4. "Social Debris"-3:05

  5. "$1000 High Heel Shoes"-3:29

  6. "Hail Mary"-3:14

  7. "Detroit City 2021"-3:19

  8. "Drunk and in Love"-3:51

  9. "Independence Dave"-2:56

  10. "I Hate You"-2:34

  11. "Wonderful World"-3:20

  12. "Sister Anne"-4:47

  13. "Hanging on by a Thread (Don't Give Up)"-3:36

  14. "Shut Up and Rock"-2:09

  15. "East Side Story"-2:52


Alice Cooper is a name that will not soon be forgotten, it's synonymous with our history. It has been for over 50 years, and will continue for many, many more to come.

Overall, this album is a bit cover-heavy, but it does feature and showcase the distinct Detroit rock sound. While also capturing the versatility of Cooper, who has showcased his variety in most of his classic albums and his albums since.

With most of his top hits, being on the shorter side in length, this album doesn't stray too far from what has come before, but still manages to ensnare what makes Cooper so beloved.

So our takeaway, this album definitely satisfies and holds up to what die-hard fans have seen and enjoyed about this top-tier rocker.

Most definitely deserving of a listen, by both casual and hardcore fans, alike.

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